Our consultation room is filled with some incredible people that look after you in the best way possible. 

Mondays and Wednesdays you will see the lovely Claire Akin-Smith from Applied Movement around. 
You can think of her as a health architect. She helps people to design, build, and integrate physical and mental health for both their personal and professional success.
Curious? Contact her here!

Thursdays we have Steve Cockram from Athletic Mindset in. 
If you are seeking guidance to unlock your full athletic potential and chart a path to sporting and personal success, Steve is here to assist you. Engage in a conversation with Steve to map out your future, where your talents can shine brightly for the world to see.
Contact him here!

Fridays we have Maddie Rose with us. Maddie is an exceptional massage therapist, focusing on sports massage amongst other therapies. 
Give her a call to chat or schedule your appointment: 029 0225 0553